There are quite a few things happening in my life and I'm very thankful for all the recent developments.

I am going to release music. My first single will be out on January 7th.

The production of course has it's price.

I am studying Popular Music - Vocals and Songwriting at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, a University of Music in Hannover, Germany. 

I am beyond thankful for that opportunity.

It's an exciting and will continue to be a challenging but hopefully rewarding journey. Of course, there are a couple ways you can support me:

  • You can talk about me and my project, tell more people about it.
  • You can support me on Social Media
  • You can support me financially by donating, using the following link. Starting at a donation of 10€ I would like to offer you the four songs, that are currently being produced, as an EP, either in physical form or as a download-link.

I am beyond grateful for each kind of support.